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Edgen Musical Style:
Epic, Orchestral, Trailer, Sad, Moving,
Dark, Action, Adventure, Drama, Piano, Mood

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"Superman" (2:05) NEW

genre: Orchestral Film Remix
downloaddownload (3.0 MB) 192 kbs

Superman. Faster than a speeding bullet. Returned 2006. My tribute back to one fo my favorite super heroes! :)


You may NOT use this track for your production.

Credits: Arranged and Composed by: justin r. durban
Original Score by: John Williams
Copyright Microsoft - Superman Franchise
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"HALO - The Spartans" (6:19) NEW

genre: Game Remix
downloaddownload (8.9 MB) 192 kbs

So its official... They are planning on making a live action version of game HALO and LOTR Director Peter Jackson, is exec. producing the film. I watched an online video of him stating he was going to keep to the original game as much as possible which is fantastic news! So, I decided to make a 'suite' with various movements within to depic a few of the scenes with the UNSC Spartans.

Small bands can cover Major Label songs. Why should that limit us fans? I just don't have a bar to play this type of music nor would everyone appreciate it. Of course this piece is my own Epic rendition of Marty O'Donnell's original HALO theme.

Thanks to Louis @ HBO for the hosting!
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You may NOT use this track for your production.

Credits: Arranged and Composed by: justin r. durban
Original Score by: Marty O'Donnell
Copyright Microsoft - Bungie
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"Episode IV.V - Unknown Discovery" (9:22) genre: Star Wars Fan Film

Watch the movie Now >> 13:41sec @ 70 MB

downloaddownload music (13.1 MB) 192 kbs  

Star Wars - Episode IV.V - Unknown Discovery Fan Film/Parody

This was for a Star Wars Fan Film composed based off the themes of John Williams. Its gota a we bit of comedy, drama, and epicness. I hope you'll enjoy the track. I'm telling you.. John Williams is hard as heck to mimick!! Do not try this at home I say :)

"Star Wars - Episode IV.V - Unknown Discovery"
The movie is now available and online at the Twenty One Productions website. Unknown Discovery is a Star Wars / Pulp Fiction parody in that Jules and Vincent are now "Storm Troopers". I composed the music for the scene and I also play, "Hand Cannon" who later comes out of the bathroom and goes guns a blazin'! Check out the censored and uncensored version online. Music is based off the original Star Wars Music by the master himself, John Williams.

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13 Minutes 41 sec @ 70 MB QT

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My Star Wars Remix

Original Music by: John Williams
Themes Copyright John Williams & Lucasfilm LTD.

You may NOT use these tracks for your production.

© John Williams & LucasFilm, LTD.
Music by:
justin r. durban

"en Terra" - Final Fantasy remix(5:15) genre: Remix Game Soundtracks


downloaddownload (7.4 MB) 192 kbs


"In earth". Inspirational music comes and goes for me. This happens to be one of them. It came to me while listening to "Am I Evil" 's track entitled, "Death on the Snowfield". A remix of the Final Fantasy VI Game track called, "Terra". I played these games as a kid, and I don't think it ever quite registered within me how much of an impact it had until I recently had my brain jumpstarted. Personaly, I think the song is beautiful, and I tried my best to convey some of those same emotions. Be sure to check out Amievil's tune. Orginal song by Nobuo Uematsu.
You may NOT use this track for your production.

Credits: justin r. durban
Original Score by: Nobuo Uematsu

"Edgen Terminator Theme #2" (2:44) genre: Remix Film Music
downloaddownload (Local) (3.8 MB) 192 kbs
USED IN Hope of the Future Fan TrailerOpening Flash Movie for Terminator

This is my second remix to Terminator Theme based off the original score by Brad Fiedel

Remix #1

Credits: Arranged and Composed by: justin r. durban
Vocals by LindsayAnne Klemm
Original Score by: Brad Fiedel
Hosting provided by: Intelliwire

"HALO - Master and Chief" (2:11) genre: Remix Game Music
downloaddownload (3.0 MB) 192 kbs

Ahhh.. the sweet radar of the familar opening choral chant to HALO sparked my inspiration to do this track. Full of energy, no room to breath and hopefully glorifies the magnificance of this wonderful game. Thanks to my brother who helped me come up with the name. He was staring at this plaster cruise ship hanging above our fireplace at the time and reminded him of a Naval Sea battle based around Master and Commander. So.. ya. what a better name.. The main character to HALO is a soldier simply titled, "Master Chief". I can't wait for HALO 2! Original score by Marty O'Donnell

Download Edgen HALO remix
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You may NOT use these tracks for your production.

Credits: Arranged and Composed by: justin r. durban
Original Score by: Marty O'Donnell
Hosting provided by: Intelliwire


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